If Miss Lou could say thanks

Lawd unno look pan mi bonunuios dem

Dem come from far and near

Mi thenk unno fi unno tributes and all

Mi picknies mi love unno one and all

Don’t be sad fi mi

Has mi did haffi go

Fa Mas Ron and mi hubby Eric a wait unda de coconut tree.


Lawd mi so glad dat wata come a mi yeye “rain a fall but duty tuff”

Lawd mam a how yuh face so long

Dry dem yeye fa mi a happy sumadie

Mi know mi well miss but as mi say dem a wait pan mi.


Yuh memba Auntie Rochie

Well she say fi tell yuh say

If yuh get fi go a farin country

Memba fi come back wid likkle twang.


So mi dear uno walk gud and mek gud duppy falla uno.







Count your blessings

The mere fact you open your eyes this morn.
  Give God thanks.
The fact you’re  able to say, God, I thank you for another day.
   Give God thanks.
The fact you’re  able to smile.
Give God thanks.
The fact you’re  able to hear.
Give God thanks
The fact you’re able to move out of bed and walk around.
Give God thanks
The fact there’s food on your table it may not seems enough to you.
All the better to
Give God thanks
No matter how simple it may be all things are from God.
Give Him thanks.

My Analogy of blog

Blogging is the electronic version of back in the days dairies that people usually write which could only be shared with close friends and family.

The difference today is being as it’s electronic you have the option to have the wider world view, like and comment on your journal. These blogs can be from political,religious, personal or business related.

To maintain  a successful blog one should:-

  • write what you are passionate about.
  • make your blogs easy to read and easy to share.
  •  Be your self, no need to be a copy cat, this is your blog let your readers know the true you.

Happy blogging bloggers !!! 🙂